Narcissists Don’t Kill Themselves

UPDATE: This show will run again during Miami Art Week 2022 / Aqua Art Miami will kick off its 16th edition at the Aqua Hotel (1530 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139) with a VIP Preview on Wednesday, November 30th before opening to the public December 1-4, 2022.

A Conceptual Art Show by Amelia Ford

This exhibition delves into the nuances of love, passion and hatred. The artist invites the viewer into her year+ long relationship with a former client. Having taken place during the height of the covid19 pandemic, this intense period was in many ways relatable to those who also entered into a relationship during this time. Ford uses artworks as well as documentations, video and paintings to convey the experience.

Upon deciding to leave an intense pandemic relationship, Ford’s former lover (and SVP of -Redacted-, -Name Redacted- age 53) set fire to her entire collection of paintings that she kept at the home the two shared. Mr. -Name Redacted- met Amelia in March 2020 while she was working in New York. The pair immediately fell for each other, with -Name Redacted- inviting the artist to live with him after a few months of initial courtship. -Redacted- in June 2020, the relationship lasted on and off again until Amelia finally ended things in October 2021.

The pair were no strangers to drama just as the show itself is very dramatic. Ford has open charges and a pending court date for totaling -Redacted- leased bmw while driving without a license. There were upwards of 320 PayPal and Zelle transactions sent between the two parties over a years period. Police visited their home numerous times for domestic disputes.

The title of the show, ‘Narcissists Don’t Kill Themselves’ comes from the idea that the people/person [the Narcissist’s] behavior truly effects are those they claim to love. -Name Redacted- left harassing emails, posts and messages. He threatened repeatedly to kill himself and the artist if she didn’t return to him, and finally burnt her artworks. -Name Redacted- set fire to some 30+ paintings that Ford kept in her studio; a converted three car garage on the property. Some of the Burt works the artist had since high school and college.

Not wanting to take legal recourse, Amelia Ford emailed -Redacted- and -Name Redacted- was eventually fired from his job due to the harassment he inflicted upon the artist.

Amelia Ford returned to the home and collected the remains of her artworks deciding to use them in a show. She now lives in Manhattan and keeps a studio in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. -Name Redacted- is currently back home after returning from outpatient rehab for alcoholism.

Below you will see the artworks made specifically for the show as well as pieces as they were prior to being burned.


This Is Your Brain On Drugs

T. I. Y. B. O. D. (2022) Acrylic, Latex Oil on Canvas, Burnt hole 15X15in

T. I. Y. B. O. D. (2017) Acrylic, latex, Oil on Canvas, Arm- 15x15in – Originally completed in 2017, the artist added red to the painting in 2019, prior to it being burnt.

Break My Stride

Break My Stride (July 2021) Acrylic, latex, oil, pastel on canvas -54x43in – This painting was started in 2019, and named after the 1983 song made popular by Matthew Wilder. The artist made and titled this piece after constant negative comments about her art from her former lover. This was actually the last artwork completed at the residence the two shared.
Break My Stride (2022) Remainder of Frame – 32x2x1in

Favor Ain’t Fair

Favor Ain’t Fair (2022) Acrylic on canvas 92x36in – This is a phrase that the artist grew up hearing in Southern Churches, meaning bad things happen to even the most good hearted people, or good things happen to seemingly bad people .

Dark Boy

Dark Boy (2022) Burnt remains of painting and frame – 42x36in
Dark Boy (2021) Pastel,
Spray paint on canvas -42x36in – This artwork is named from the title of the 2018 song made popular by recording artists Nas, The Dream, and Kanye West. The artist painted this as an encouragement to herself.

For The Love Of Money

For The Love Of Money (2022) Burnt Remains of Frame and painting – 18x4x1in
For The Love Of Money (2019)
Acrylic, latex and oil on Hand Stretched Canvas- 54×40 in – First completed in 2019, this artwork is named after the song made popular by recording group ‘The O’ Jays’. The artist named this piece in 2020, asking herself for what was she forcing herself to stay in her then relationship, and the reality was her ex was wealthy. This piece helped the artist recognize the value in herself and truly believe in her art.

Black Supper

Prismacolor, chalk, oil pastel mono print on Bristol board
60x52in – 2017
This is a reproduction of the original which was burnt. The artist created this piece in an attempt to make the Christian religion more relatable to those she grew up with who were also religious, but could not relate to a white Jesus.

Four Times Fate

Four Times Fate (2022) Four Wooden Charred Logs – approx 16x5x5 each
These logs were pulled from the fire-pit after the artworks were burned.

Narcissists Don’t Kill Themselves

Narcissists Don’t Kill Themselves (2022) Charred remains of painting and frame 40x40in – This is the remains of a self portrait of the artist, which was commissioned and completed by Manar Bahl. This artwork hung in the office of the home the two shared.

Local Man Discovers Love

Local Man Discovers Love (2022) Latex, paper on canvas. 24x36in – This interactive piece comes along with a cell phone that sho

Watch This…

Running on a loop, videos of paintings burning sent via sms to the artist by her disgruntled lover displayed on screen
Video on iPad 2022
Video on iPad 2022

Fruits Of The Spirit

Burnt Remains of Painting and Frame (2022) 36x24in
Fruits of the Spirit (2017) Acrylic, oil, latex on canvas. 36x24in

Keep Your H. E. A. D. U. P.

Keep your H. E. A. D. U. P. (2022) Burnt and charred mannequin head 13x7x5in

This Is Your Brain On Drugs 2

T. I. Y. B. O. D. 2. (2022) Corner of burnt frame with canvas attached 16x10x1in
T. I. Y. B. O. D. 2. (2018)
Acrylic, latex on Canvas 34 x28 in

The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away

The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away (2022) Pile of ashes, canvas wire
culminated from the burnings of 20 plus paintings.

Let’s Pretend This Is The Sky

Let’s Pretend This Is The Sky (2022)
Charred remains of painting and frame 22x15x1.5in


Peloton (2022) Burnt edge with painting remains. 1 of 3
canvas panels 10x4x1in
Peloton (2021) Acrylic, latex, oil pastel, gouache and oil paint on Canvas- 3 panels 28x10in

This Is What You Called Love

2019 – 54 x 42.5 in
This is What You Called Love/Murder On My Mind
Acrylic, latex and oil on Hand Stretched Canvas

I Love You Even Though You’re An Asshole Sometimes

Medium: 2 Panel Painting with Acrylic, Latex and Pastel- Mixed Media Interactive Installation
Year: 2021/22
The artist originally made this piece to hang above the bed in the room she and her former lover shared. After [said lover] refused to put up the painting, Amelia moved downstairs and placed the painting above the bed in her private bedroom. The artist remained in the lower wing of the home until the relationship finally ended after 1.5 years. She wrote a message along the bottom of the painting to be read while laying down. This painting is displayed over a bed.