Julia Seabrook Gallery

A Miniature Gallery

Julia Seabrook Gallery has been a lifelong vision of the artist. From the beginning of her career, the artist decided she wanted a direct relationship with those purchasing her works. Opening an art gallery to represent herself was always the plan. Following the death of her first girlfriend, Abe decided that she would name her first art gallery after her. The feeling was that if anyone deserves to have their name known worldwide, it is Julia Seabrook.

Construction began on the miniature gallery in October 2020 and was completed in March 2021. As a requirement for Art Basel, artists have to be represented by a gallery. After reading the regulations the artist realized that there was no specifications on the size of the art gallery. Thus the mini gallery was built. Artworks inside of the miniature gallery are scaled down versions of pieces that exist in real life, and some pieces are even made to fit specifically into the miniature space.


Passion, as she is know by those closest to her, is a light and a beacon to all who had the privilege to know her in this life. She was brutally honest, but always there to give a hug and emotional understanding in a way that transcended her youth. Julia’s physical body succumbed to Lupus, but we know she’s happy and healthy in another place. For now, here on Earth, Julia Seabrook Gallery is homage to one of the greatest women to live this life. Let her name live on with us, forever.

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