Julia Seabrook Gallery

Gallery Division of ABE ART LLC


Julia Seabrook gallery is used to exhibit art of all mediums with a focus on abstract, conceptual and contemporary works that we hold. If you are interested in seeing our gallery collection, arrange a tour by email or visiting the contact page.


History of Julia Seabrook Gallery
Before it was a physical gallery, a small miniature gallery served as the space and Nicole Titus actually changed the miniature artworks inside.

Julia Seabrook Gallery has been a lifelong vision of the founder, Nicole (ABE) Titus. Following the death of her first girlfriend, Abe decided that she would name her first art gallery after her. The feeling was that if anyone deserves to have their name known worldwide, it is Julia Seabrook. The gallery originally started as a miniature space.

Our Gallery / Exhibition Strategy

Julia Seabrook Gallery is able to further expand our audience and reach more potential buyers by attending art fairs WORLDWIDE. Art Fairs and auctions are currently the primary market for our works, as such a diverse and wide audience who have genuine interests in art are present. Because we understand the importance of accepting new ideas, we aim to always be at the forefront of all things art related. We will use challenging and conceptual ideas to engage the public, while enriching the lives of Working Women, Black Americans and the underserved.


Philanthropy is very important to ABE ART LLC and the structure of our company. We believe that a community must work together in order to enact lasting change. At the link below, please find artworks available for donation to auction and other non profit charities.

Available Works for Donation


Passion, as she is know by those closest to her, is a light and a beacon to all who had the privilege to know her in this life. She was brutally honest, but always there to give a hug and emotional understanding in a way that transcended her youth. Julia’s physical body succumbed to Lupus, but we know she’s happy and healthy in another place. For now, here on Earth, Julia Seabrook Gallery is homage to one of the greatest women to live this life. Let her name live on with us, forever.