Dead Artists Don’t Need Money

The purpose of this project is to document and catalogue bodies of work by deceased artists who were generally overlooked throughout their lives. Through this practice, Abe Art LLC hopes to revive the lives of artists through the works they left behind.

By discovering artwork from previously unknown artists, we have the ability to be among the very first collectors to ever see some of the greatest undiscovered works of the past century.

Services We Provide

  • Making a full, comprehensive catalogue of the artists works both in (estate holders) possession, and locating works that may have been sold or gifted during the artists’ lifetime.
  • Professionally photographing and documenting works
  • Gathering information about the artist and their life from estate holders, family, business and personal relationships etc.
  • Climate controlled, safe storage of artworks during and after evaluation up until the point of sale.

Selling Art Posthumously

  • Estate holders are included in the entire documentation and cataloguing process, and are given full autonomy in deciding which avenues of sale, if any, they wish to put works in.
  • We have the ability to sell works on prominent platforms such as art fairs, gallery exhibitions, online buying forums, auctions and more. (Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Artsy, Phillips, Julia Seabrook Gallery, Saatchi Art etc.
  • We take a 30% commission on all works we sell, and charge a small fee for documentation and catalogue services depending on the size of the art collection. The charge for cataloguing may be waived (for select catalogs) and applied as artworks are sold.