Artist Bio

The artist’s signature A-B-E stands for Abstract, Bold, Expressive.

Name: Abe – Gender: Female – Age:26

Location: New York, New York

School: Converse College (BFA) / University of South Carolina Upstate (MFA)

Having grown up in foster care, Abe gravitated towards art at an early age as a means of escape from her realities. Her painting style can be somewhat described as contemporary art, or abstract expressionism. There tends to be sexual references in her work as well as the balances of power and money. The duality of a person from professional to personal, public to private life is a dynamic seen often. Abe was raised Pentecostal Christian, but gravitated towards a more spiritual outlook on life once going to college. Her fascination with discovering the truths of religion and adoration of Byzantine style artwork can be seen in many pieces. The artist also exhibits deep interests in exhibiting black/ethnic characters and people of color in positions of power/prominence they are not normally portrayed. The artist uses her artwork to exhibit her beliefs, feelings and life experiences, and allows inspirations to flow from where they may.

ABE is an avant-garde artist in the aspect that she believes she herself is art. Through performances, video and public demonstrations, Abe wishes to engage the general public in art and topics she deems important.


  • Miyako Sushi Group Spartanburg, SC 2019
  • SOFA Expo, Chicago IL 2018
  • Hyman Fine Arts Center Gallery, Florence, SC 2018
  • Aqua Art Miami, FL 2018
  • ArtFields, Lake City, SC 2017
  • Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery, Clinton, SC 2017
  • Wiregrass Museum of Art, B16: Biennial Exhibition, Dothan , AL 2016
  • CrutChfield Gallery Spartanburg SC, 2016
  • Newport Art Museum, Installation, Newport RI
  • Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2014/15
  • Midtown Artery, Greenville, SC, 2014

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